Marketing Plans & Strategy

Your annual marketing plan should provide the complete picture of all marketing activity planned throughout the year, as well as the top-level strategy that drives it.

It should be closely aligned with your business objectives – whether that’s in terms of sales, global footprint or operational streamlining. It’s also vital that your marketing plan includes the KPI’s to which your marketing plan will ultimately be held accountable.

Team has over two decades of experience developing detailed strategic marketing plans – specifically for the mining and METs industry.  We know the strategies that work from the ones that don’t.  We know virtually every mining and METs related publication, conference, expo and network association there is to know around the world – and how best to leverage them to your business’s advantage.

A typical annual marketing plan from Team includes:

  • SWOT and Competitor Analysis: What is your business about? What are your unique selling points (USP’s) that set you apart from the competition?
  • Stakeholder Map: Who exactly are your clients?  Who are the ‘cheque-signers’ and the ones that influence them?
  • Market Intelligence Strategy: How are we going to find them?
  • Marketing Mix: What are the most effective marketing mediums and channels to the reach them via?
  • Content and Creative Strategy: What message are we reaching them with?
  • Marketing KPI’s: How are we ultimately measuring the success of the above? Leads, opportunities, sales, awareness, followers, contacts… at the end of the day, the stats don’t lie.


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